So, you have bought your first Wildcard Silks product. Congratulations. Now, how the hell do you look after it?

The first rule: creases = bad.
The second rule: CREASES = BAD


Fold your silk scarf or hang it up in your wardrobe to keep it crease-free.


Definitely don’t fold these. Hang them up. You can roll them but doesn’t guarantee wrinkle-free-ness.

Always untie your tie. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT leave with the knot in or there’ll be creases, and you’ll have to pay for a dry cleaner.

Bow Ties

If you keep the box your bow tie arrives in, keep your bow tie in the box. It is now safe from getting squashed. And creased.

Do not feed after midnight.

If you have failed to do any of the above (tut tut), and your silk accessory is slightly creased, you can use steam, but DO NOT IRON! Water can damage silk. A method we have found effective is to run a hot bath, hang your silk item from a coat hanger in the bathroom (but not over the bath - just stating the obvious), leave for half an hour to an hour and hopefully gravity and steam power will have removed the creases. If in doubt, take it to a trusted dry cleaner.