2018 Festival Outfit Ideas

The festival season is upon us! Whether you’re counting down the days until Bestival or hosting a party with friends in your own back garden, you are no doubt at your desk looking for quirky outfit ideas. Here at Wildcard Silks we love a good music festival, so have put together some of our favourite looks for the dancefloor (or mosh pit).

Floral Headscarf

Our new Rhododendron Magnificum Long Silk Scarf design looks brilliant as a headscarf. Just wrap it around your forehead and tie it under your hair at the back, letting the fabric drape off to the side.

Retro Wristband

The best accessory, alongside all those new bangles and festival rings you will buy. Why not tie our Roller Skate Small Silk Scarf around your wrist, keeping it handy if you need to put your hair up when the sun (hopefully) comes out.

Colourful Bow Tie

Nothing says Festival like a colourful bow tie. The Roller Skate or Paint Splash Silk Bow Tie work really well with a colourful shirt and a pint of beer in your hand.  

Musical Belt

The Mixtape Long Silk Scarf is the perfect retro, colourful design for music festivals. Tie it around your waist and pair it with denim or monochromatic tones and a pair of wellies.

Dragonfly Hair Tie

We all know that showers are a rarity at festivals. Towards the end of the week, the Dragonfly Small Silk Scarf makes a handy hair tie to keep you looking (and feeling) fresh.

Embellished Bag

Why not tie our psychedelic Nebula Small Silk Scarf to your bag or rucksack. Such a simple idea, adding a splash of colour to every outfit and making you stand out from the crowd.

Sugar Skull Ponytail

An innovative use of the Blue Sugar Skull Narrow Silk Tie. Featured in this year’s Universal BRIT Awards’ goodie bags, the sugar skull design looks rather ace as a ponytail tie.

Tip Top Hat

Everyone loves a top hat, to keep you cool in the sunshine and your hair dry in the drizzle! Jazz it up with our retro Mixtape Small Silk Scarf.  

Tiger Shawl

Probably our favourite design, the mighty Tiger Small Silk Scarf was created from an original pastel drawing. It works well as a simple neckerchief, but looks even more striking wrapped around your shoulders to keep off the evening chill.